*Make-Up Artist Magazine-Aug/Sep 2016
“Free State of Jones”
Story By:  Joe Nazzaro

*Sirona Fine Art on YouTube-November 2015

“Miniature & Majestic”

*The Highlander News-May 2015
“Art on the Move: Bascom installs Sculptures”
Story By:  Carolyn Morrisroe

*”Beneath the Surface” by Wesley Wofford
Beneath the Surface copy
Now available for purchase on Amazon

*The Artist’s Gaze-February 2015
“Seeing Women in the 21st Century”
Story By:  Victoria Selbach

*Nebraska’s PBS and NPR Stations presents: November 2014
“Nebraska’s Shindler”
Story By:  Joel Geyer

*Fine Art Connoisseur- November 20, 2014
“Large or Small, A Strong Presence”
Story By:  Jeffrey Carlson

*American Art Collector-November 2014
 “Looking Out, Looking In”  Pages 134-135

*ArtDaily- October 29, 2014
“Solo exhibition by figurative sculptor Wesley Wofford opens at The Bascom”

*Fine Art Connoisseur- August 7, 2014
“Last Chance: Dramatic Figures by Wesley Wofford”
Story By:  Jeffrey Carlson

*Legacy- August 2014
“Beneath the Surface”- Cashiers Artist Inspires Emotion Through his Art
Story By:  Lily Knoepp

*International Artist Magazine-August/September 2014
“16th annual Award Winners Showcase”
Story By:  Krystle Stricklin

*American Art Collector-July 2014
“The Bascom: A Center for the Visual Arts”- Beneath the Surface

*New Orleans Convention and Visitor’s Bureau-March 2014
“Sculpture Exhibition Presented by the Helis Foundation”

*Sculpture for New Orleans-March 2014
Downtown Development District-New Orleans

*10 Best-Trusted Advice for Travelers-March 19, 2014
“Sculpture for New Orleans Brings Art to the City”
Story By:  Beth D”Addono

*Cashiers Chronicle- August 28, 2013
“See Balestiere sculpture in the making on Labor Day at the Village Green”
Story By:  Kelly Donaldson

*World Herald Bureau, Lincoln, Nebraska-August 2013
“N.C. sculptor will make bust for the Hall of Fame”
Story By:  David Hendee

*The Times-Picayune New Orleans-February 2013
“7 Outdoor Sculptures Make their Debut in time for the Super Bowl”
Story By:  Bruce Eggler

*American Art Collector-July 2012
“Finding the Form-Collecting Sculpture”

*Damn Good Dogs!
The Real Story of Uga, the University of Georgia’s Bulldog Mascots
Story By:  Sonny Seiler and Kent Hannon

University of Georgia Press 2011

*Crossroads Chronicle-July 27th, 2011
“Wofford invited to vote for Oscars”
Story By:  Kelly Donaldson

*SFX Magazine-April/May 2011
“Portfolio-Wesley Wofford-Un Maquilleur Sort de L’ombre”
Story By:  Alain Bielik
See PDF Here

*SFX Magazine-April/May 2011
“Big Momma 3”
Story By:  Frederic Mathieu

*WNC Magazine-March/April 2011
“Last Page”
Story By:  Anna Rice

*Stories of Mountain Folk
September 18th, 2010

Radio Interview with Wesley Wofford-Sculpture Artist from Cashiers
Interview By:  Amy Ammons

*Sculpture Review-Fall 2009
“To the Movies and Back: A Sculptor’s Insight”
Story By:  Jodie A. Shull
See PDF Here

*Artsync Magazine-March 2009
Cover Contest-Runner Up
View Link Here

*The Highlander-March 12, 2009
“Cashiers sculptor chosen for exhibit in New York City”

*Bradenton Herald-January 17, 2008
“Shaping an Appreciation of Art”
Story By:  January Holmes

*Herald Tribune-January 15, 2008
“Muse lured artist from Hollywood”
Story By:  Anthony Cormier

*Legacy Magazine-Aug/Sept 2007
“Remaining in the Light”
Story and photos By:  Jennifer Daniel

*Laurel Magazine-July 2007
“Summit One Gallery Studio Dinner”
Story By:  Mary Adair Leslie

*Smokey Mountain News-April 11-17, 2007
“Figuratively Speaking”
Story By:  Sarah Kucharski
See Link Here

*Western North Carolina Gallery Guide-Spring 2007
Cover Artist
“Figuratively Speaking”
Story By:  Sarah Kucharski

*Crossroads Chronicle-September 21, 2005
“Sapphire artist wins Emmy award”
Story By:  Jessica Connor

*The Hollywood Reporter-February 8-10, 2002
“Make ‘n’ Bake”
Story By:  Ron Magid

*The Hollywood Reporter-June 1, 2005
“Bio Rhythm”
Story By:  Todd Longwell

*Crossroads Chronicle-February 9, 2005
“Local sculptor wins Oscar”
Story By:  Katy Stillerman

*Total Movie Magazine-February/March 2003
“Almost Faceless”
Story By:  Ron Magid

*Makeup Artist Magazine-Issue #39-Oct/Nov 2002
“The 50 Greatest Make-ups of all Time”
Story By:  Michael Key

*Atlanta Journal-Constitution-TV Week-Oct 13-19 2002
“And away we go!”
Story By:  Jacqueline Cutler

*USA Today-March 9, 2001
“Moonwalk view from Down Under”
Story By:  Susan Wloszczyna

*American Cinematographer Magazine-=February 2001
“A Pound of Flesh”
Story By:  various contributing writers

*Cinefantastique Magazine-February 2001
“Hannibal-Captive Audience-Realizing the Gruesome Makeup EFX”
Story By:  Douglas Eby

*Makeup Artist Magazine-Issue #27-Oct/Nov 2000
“Rising Stars”
Story By:  Barney Burman

*The Gwinnett Citizen-November 2000
“Making Fantasy Real”
Story By:  Jaclyn Weldon White

*Cinefex Magazine-April 2000
“In his own image”
Story By:  John Shannon

*The Hollywood Reporter-March 21-27, 2000
“Nods are brush with greatness”
Story By:  Chris Gardner

*Makeup Artist Magazine-Issue #22-Dec 1999/Jan 2000
“Greg Cannom solve an age-old problem”
Story By:  Scott Essman

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