“The Sacrifice”- Monumental


“The Sacrifice”- Monumental       3 1/2’h x 8’w x 4 1/2’d

“This sculpture is a reflection of how the decisions we make in modern society can affect the future and sometimes even the lives of children.  As I was working on the piece and contemplating all of the different culturally ingrained aspects of modern society that potentially have a negative impact on children, there were multiple school shootings across America.  This affected me deeply, and definitely permeated into the composition.  Second Amendment rights have become a very polarizing topic nationwide, and it is difficult to discuss, but we as a nation really need to have the debate.  In the sculpture, the oversized hand is a metaphor for an alter, but also represents us-the adults-and our decisions.  Many of our decisions aren’t even choices, but are just accepted as part of modern life, with the long term consequences never really being considered.  Another example of this acceptable loss of life is war, which in the end boils down to ‘is the cause great enough that we are willing to sacrifice our children and send them into harm’s way’ ?  But the sculpture also applies to many modern day issues, and poverty, predators, abuse, child labor, abortion, climate change, and national deficit, are just a few examples.”

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