Holiday Inn- “Spirit of Family Award”


Holiday-Inn3-comm Holiday-Inn2-comm

Holiday Inn
“Spirit of Family Award”
24″h x 31″w x 12″d
9.5″h x 11″w x 5″d
7.5″h x 9″w x 3.5″d

The Spirit of Family Award is an annual award given to Holiday Inns that demonstrate the company’s brand values first introduced by founder Kemmons Wilson.

The original concept of the award was conceived by Steve Erickson at Wit’s End Productions to be both a commemoration of the deceased founder and a symbol of the new direction the hotel wanted to convey.  The composition is Kemmons embracing his creation with pride and welcoming the weary traveler with a relaxed demeanor and friendly smile.  It celebrates the company’s origin with a nostalgic incorporation of the original sign.

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