To inquire about pricing on a sculpture contact Odyssey at 828-226-4342 or Wofford Sculpture Studio accepts check, credit card, and Paypal payments.

You may also contact or visit one of our galleries:

Reinert Fine Art:  828-414-9580 and 843-345-1785
TH Brennen Fine Art:  480-994-1355
Sirona Fine Art: 954-454-9494

The Bascom: 828-526-4949
Monday’s House of Design: 828-743-2094


Wesley’s editions are released in three medium categories to offer different price points and various finishes. There are a variety of finishing choices within each medium category that all enhance and explore the natural qualities of that medium.


Traditional lost wax foundry casting is a timeless medium. It is of the highest quality and offered in low edition numbers with endless patina possibilities.

Bonded Bronze
This is an alternative to traditional metal casting. It is sometimes called “cold cast bronze” and is comprised of a mixture of milled bronze and an architectural resin. The look, feel, weight, and finish is similar to a traditional foundry cast at a more affordable price. It is offered in brass, copper, bronze, iron and marble and has various patina possibilities.

Hydrocal Studio Cast
Wesley has a unique affection for this medium. Until the mid-twentieth century, sculptors exhibited plaster casts. Many plaster collections as well as special order bronzes resulted from these exhibitions. Unlike today’s market, this system prevented the sculptor from shouldering the financial burden of a massive bronze inventory. Wesley also feels this edition brings the client closest to the studio experience, form presented in the raw.

The most affordable casting, this conventional gypsum product gives the look and feel of traditional plaster castings but is rated at a much higher strength. It can be directly waxed in its pristine form or rubbed and aged with a variety of products.

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