• Wesley, We absolutely love our sculptures! They are truly magnificent. Thanks again for the vision and artistry and hard work!
    Randy Boyd Knoxville, TN
  • Wesley, a modern day Rodin! Thanks for everything and please let me know when your next workshop is!
    David Wilson
  • Wesley, I absolutely LOVE your work! Thank you for bringing such beautiful fluidity to the sculpture community.
    Brandon Skylar
  • [Wesley] bravely took on the assignment and achieved success within one round of submittals! What a joy he was to work with and what joy he brought to the donors, who told our client: “I can honestly say I’m very pleased.”
    Robin Williams Robin E. Williams Incorporated
    Atlanta, GA
  • I can’t say enough to express my thanks for the time, talent, and money you donated the Gold Patron Party fundraiser for the High. Thank you so much for coming down and making our Gold Patron Party so special. All of the beautiful sculpture, and Wesley working live added a lot to the experience of the evening for our guests.
    Beth Mooney ART Partners, High Museum of Art
    Atlanta, GA
  • He has a great grasp of and ability to convey the natural dynamism of a figure, both in actual motion and at rest, where he renders the figure with an unmistakable suggestion of incipient movement. In other words, his figures seem truly alive.
    Charles Lewis
  • Wesley, I was totally stunned at what you had done for our family-what a really fine job and not easy to do from photos as I know. Martin and I cried at the actuality and accuracy of the bas relief! Thank you! Thank you!
    Kerry Powell Lone Pine, CA
  • Wesley, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased the family is with the finished sculpture of Dad embracing the famous Holiday Inn sign. You did a remarkable job capturing his likeness; even the pose reflects his charm and personality.
    Spence Wilson Memphis, TN
  • This maquette of Alvin Johnson exceeds my expectations. It’s a remarkable likeness, with an intelligent thoughtful countenance. The pipe and book speak eloquently about the man, his scholarship, and his era. In other words, I like it! We chose the sculptor well.
    Ron Hull Lincoln, NE
  • As a non-artistic economist, I’m very impressed with what Wesley has done, and with the thought that has gone into the image. It seems to me that, if I were Alvin Johnson, I’d be pleased by the thoughtful, yet resolute, portrayal. I’d like to think that there is a lot of “the Nebraska spirit” there.
    Jerry Peter Lincoln, NE
  • Today’s email from Wesley was like experiencing a child’s Christmas. There was excitement and joy. I am impressed with his continuing research and his rationale for the pipe and the book. I couldn’t be more pleased.
    Lee Rockwell Lincoln, NE
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